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Sleep, sleep, sleep.

1.    In a normal life a person sleeps for about twenty-five years. But why do we sleep? The simple answer is: we don’t know. We need more sleep when we are young. A baby sleeps for about ten hours. A teenager sleeps for eight and an adult for seven or eight hours. Old people need only five or six hours.

2.    There are two kinds of sleep. When you go to sleep you go into deep sleep. Your temperature falls, your body relaxes and you breathe slowly. After about half an hour you go into active sleep. This is also called rapid eye movement sleep (or REM sleep), because your eyes move. You dream in both deep sleep and REM sleep, but in REM sleep you dream in pictures. If you wake up in REM sleep you can usually remember your dream. Your body spends about twenty minutes in REM sleep and then goes back into deep sleep for an hour.

3.    Do you ever talk or walk in your sleep? People sleepwalk in deep sleep and sleepwalkers do amazing things. They open doors and windows, they ride bicycles and drive cars. They cook, they take a bath or a shower (often in their pyjamas), they shave, they clean their teeth, they get dressed, they dig the garden and they get into bed with other people.

4.    A man in Scotland woke up in his car two miles from his house. He had no clothes on. A girl from Wales woke up at five o’clock in the morning in a launderette. She had a shopping bag and the family’s dog with her.

5.    Sleepwalkers are asleep, but they have their eyes open and they can see. They can’t wake up easily. If they do, they can’t remember anything. Do you ever sleepwalk? Are you sure? Perhaps you do, but nobody sees you.

     I.     Look quickly at the text. In which paragraph will you find the answer to each question?

A.   Can sleepwalkers see?

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B.   What did the girl from Wales do?

C.   How much sleep do teenagers need?

D.   What is REM sleep?

E.   What kinds of things do sleepwalkers do?


  II.     Right (R), Wrong (W) or Don’t know (D)?

A.   Everyone sleeps for 8 hours a night.

B.   Teenagers need less sleep than adults.

C.   Some people sleep for only one or two hours.

D.   REM sleep is the same as active sleep.

E.   You only dream in deep sleep.

F.   People sleepwalk in REM sleep.

G.  The man from Scotland woke up at five o’clock in the morning.

H.  The girl from Wales was in her pyjamas.

I.     Sleepwalkers can’t see.

J.    Sleepwalkers remember everything they do.

III.     Put these facts in the correct column. They are all true.

1.    You dream in pictures.


2.    You breathe slowly.

3.    Your temperature rises.

4.    You dream in words.

5.    Your temperature falls.

6.    You can’t wake up easily.

7.    Your body relaxes.

8.    You can’t remember your dreams.

9.    You breathe quickly.

10.You talk.

11.People sleepwalk.

12.You can wake up easily.


Deep sleep

REM sleep




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